Hi I'm Mari.

I am a creative director, entrepreneur, mother and eternal optimist.
I am the founder of ANNA Magazine - a magazine I founded in my home kitchen many years ago - and ANNA Media.

I have been obsessed with words and images since I was very young. Literally obsessed. I used to write words on sticky notes and paste them around my room, and look forward to a time I could use them easily in a sentence. My bedroom walls were papered with magazine tear outs of Tiger Beat and Teen Vogue and later Vogue and Gourmet. Never did I imagine I would become a writer much less a magazine publisher. But I did, in a naive sort of way, without any formal training, write a few words and pair them with beautiful food images which later became the beloved ANNA Magazine.

I played many roles at the magazine, and on the client side fell in love with branding and advertising. All was well in my world, until 5 years ago, when we began to feel the digital shift. We desperately needed technology that just didn’t exist. And if it did, it was too expensive, too complicated and well, we just didn’t know anything about it. I was like a deer caught in headlights frozen and unable to move forward.

Out of complete desperation, I enrolled in an online training program and began to uncover the secrets of the the digital world. I breathed, ate and slept online training and over the next 3 years brought my business back to life.

Through a lot of trial and error, I simplified the process and created a unique model called The 5 Things. It is a proven method that works for virtually any new or existing business.

This is not a get rich scheme, this is a proven model that if implemented properly will transform your business and your life. 

xo Mari