Gimli Fish Market - A fresh fish and seafood retailer in Canada.

Before I met Mari, I was struggling with how to market my products online. With physical stores doing business for 25 years, I was feeling the pressure to move my business forward using social media, e-commerce, and email subscriptions. I thought I could do it myself with the help of traditional media outlets and the vast expertise out there on the web. I had so many sales pitches, so many promises, so much misleading information to filter through; after awhile, the only thing that was growing was my frustration.

I wondered when or if I would see anything meaningful.  As many salespeople do request to meet, I agreed to meet with Mari and I am so thankful that I did. I realized very quickly that Mari was not there to waste her time or mine. Why? Because she showed me her 5 step model and had proof with her own business that the formula she had put together works.

Her one page illustration had me instantly intrigued. She provided me with exactly what I needed to do and what I would get as a result. She shared her stories about what not to do based on actual experience. She saved me a lot of time, money, and heartache. And after a short time of preparation, about 3 weeks, which would have taken me about a year and a half, I have a professional e-commerce store with the best graphics on the web, a quality social media presence, a blog, a newsletter, and a back-end planner to keep it all circulating. Plus, I have Mari encouraging and teaching me along the way.

Mari has not left my side as we launched and is there to answer all my questions. She understands my needs, goals, and level of learning. I feel so free to be able to focus on my customers, my products, and my sales.

My staff and I could not be more proud. Mari has captured the entity of my brand and has brought this forward for the world to see online. Mari is an absolute pleasure to work with. She listens, is honest, caring, and truly talented with a gift to share. Like I said, Mari has transformed my business, and my life.

- Wendy, President & CEO
Gimli Fish Market