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What my clients say

With physical stores doing business for 25 years, I was feeling the pressure to leverage the internet. Then I met Mari. Using her proven 5-Things Model she transformed my business and my life. She saved me time, money, and heartache, and created an integrated e-commerce model selling and delivering fresh fish and seafood (in a city that wasn’t even buying online!)

-Wendy, President & CEO Gimli Fish Market


I’ve trained with the finest digital leaders in the world. I’ve built membership sites and e-commerce sites, and helped countless 8-figure entrepreneurs shift their traditional businesses to leverage the internet and bring peace and harmony back to their business and their life.

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Did you know there are one billion people using Instagram every day? There is so much noise out there, but my proven 5-Step Model will teach you how to attract this audience and sell them your products and services. It’s not as overwhelming as you think.

and start implementing my 5-Step Model!